Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pictures of things that are not there

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Marco Polo Building looking from Waikiki toward Ala Wai

This block is unrecognizable. Canlis Restaurant (at 2100 Kalakaua) in Honolulu has
completely disappeared and been replaced with this building:

Coco's Restaurant is gone. You can still see part of the old building though (the roof).
(This is at the Kalakaua - Kapiolani intersection)

Walking up Kalakaua toward King Street.

Approaching the former location of Froggies bookstore.

The old Cinerama Theater building (next door to where Froggies used to be).

The Froggies building is still here. The old bookstore is gone.
I saw my first issue of Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor" here.
It was also here that I first met a young woman named Cindy who told me that she was thinking about opening up a bookstore and calling it "Jelly Bear's" or maybe "Jelly's".

Cinerama building.

Interlude Books was across the corner from Froggies. The building has been completely replaced.

Cinerama building.

Froggies building close up.


Froggies close up, looking back toward Kapiolani.

Interlude Books location. The old building is gone.

Library tree. I tried to get in to the library to get a picture of the outdoor shelves,
but they were closed today (Sunday).

Library tree.

Library tree.


  1. Wow. I do remember much of this as it was in 1979-84.

  2. Wow. I do remember much of this as it was in 1979-84.